BALI money change SCAM caught on camera!! + How to get your money back

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In this video I’ll show you:
1. A behind the scenes look at a money changer desk
2. A failed attempt to change money with no commission
3. Their back up plans
4. The scam with slow motion
5. A real “legit” money exchange and the process
6. A first hand story of someone else being scammed

Lastly, if you have been scammed and want to get your money back, here is what you do:
a. Make sure you know how much you have been scammed
b. Go back to the desk and tell them they didn’t give you all of your money. 9 times out of 10, they will give it back to you without further question. If they don’t, then threaten with tourist police or your hotel security.

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Written by Lydia Jones




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