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Build a Completely Automated Trading Robot (Expert Advisor) from scratch using MQL4 (MetaQuotes Language 4)!

Hi and welcome to the complete Forex Automated Trading Course. My name is Mohsen, I’m a professional trader and I will be teaching you How to fully automate your forex trading.

By the end of this course you will be able to program in metaquotes language 4, which is the most popular programming language for Forex. And this is even if you don’t have any programming knowledge as we cover all the basic concepts of programming, like variables, if statements, Functions, Arrays, For Loops, different operator types and operations and everything in between.

Once we cover all the programming concepts, we get into trading related code, like getting live price updates, using Technical indicators, sending and modifying order. We will also go over on how to create our own functions, like a function to calculate the optimal lot size that can be used in any trading strategy. We code these things together so you can get your feet wet as this is a highly interactive and practical course.

We follow this up by taking everything that we’ve learned and use it to build our own completely automated trading strategy. Also called an Expert Advisor. Once we finish coding our trading robot, we also learn how to backtest the strategy to check on its potential profitability. Afterwards we see how to run it on a practice or live account.

So if you’re eager to learn to automate your Forex Trading register to the full course right now, and I’ll see you in the class. Register here: Forex Algorithmic Trading Course

Forex Algorithmic Trading Course 2020

Trailer 00:00
Chapter 1
1.1 About your Instructor 1:31
1.2 What we will learn in this course 4:15
1.3 Why Automate Trading 7:55

Chapter 2
2.1 Expert Advisors 12:09
2.2 Metaquotes Language 23:38
2.3 EAs, Indicators and Scripts 28:18

Chapter 3
3.1 Printing out Statements 31:20
3.2 Variables 39:42
3.3 Variables Advanced 52:37
3.4 Predefined Variables 1:06:14
3.5 Arithmetic Operations 1:13:24
3.6 Assignment Operations 1:35:36
3.7 Relational Operations 1:41:16
3.8 Logical Operations 1:55:51

Chapter 4
4.1 If Else Statements 2:09:44
4.2 Switch Statements 2:27:32

Chapter 5
5.1 Functions 2:39:28
5.2 Metatrader Functions 2:59:29
5.3 Include Files 3:09:10
5.4 Creating Our First Useful Function 3:17:23
5.5 Calculating Take Profit and Stop Loss 3:27:54
5.6 Assignment – Create Take Profit and Stop Loss 3:45:47
5.7 Answer to Assignment 3:50:33
5.8 Global Variables 4:04:56
5.9 Input & Extern Variables 4:11:35

Preview of the rest of the course 4:19:55

Q: What additional lectures are in the complete course?
A: The following additional lectures are in the complete course:

Chapter 6
6.1 Arrays
6.2 For Loops
6.3 While Loops

Chapter 7
7.1 Enums
7.2 Moving Averages
7.3 Bollinger Bands
7.4 RSI
7.5 Assignment BB indicator
7.6 Answer to Assignment

Chapter 8
8.1 Pre-sending order Checks
8.2 Checking account Lot Size
8.3 Sending Orders
8.4 Sending Order Assignment
8.5 Error Handling
8.6 Answer to Assignment

Chapter 9
9.1 Position Sizing
9.2 Creating Position Sizing Function
9.3 Assignment Add Position Size in Algo
9.4 Answer to Assignment

Chapter 10
10.1 Creating our first EA
10.2 Adding Bollinger Band Strategy to ED
10.3 Total ORders and Magic Number
10.4 Update Expert Advisor
10.5 Order Modify
10.6 Update take profit and stop loss

Chapter 11
11.1 Backtesting and strategy tester
11.2 Backtesting our expert advisor

Chapter 12
12.1 Defining trading strategy
12.2 Coding our strategy
12.3 Backtesting our trading strategy
12.4 Running our trading strategy
12.5 Additional Notes
12.6 Connecting

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