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FOREX BEGINNERS COURSE COMPLETE in HINDI.#ForexTrading #forex trading India
Learn How to trade and invest in your education to make a solid base before starting in forex
Avoid beginner’s mistakes.
Learn how to trade forex in India.

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What is covered in this course?
This course will cover all the basics required to start trading in forex.
1.Why most traders fail in the forex market
2.What’s is forex market
3.Why forex market
4.Is the forex market better than the Stock market
5. How forex markets move
6.What are charts
7.What art candlesticks
8.Which candlestick is important
9.Whats kind of trade you can trade
10.What are the options for traders part from buy and sell
11 Buy stop sell stop
12. Buy limit sell limit
13.What time you can trade forex in India
14 the best time to trade forex in India
15.What are types of trader
16.Fundamental or Technical trader
17.Swing trader or Intraday trader or scalper it investor
18.Trend trader or Countertrend trader
19.Which time frames to use for trading in forex
20.What is a forex strategy
21. Key point for trading plan strategy or setups
22.Demo trading for Forex
23. MT4 and MT5 OctaFX demo
24.How the market moves.
25.Learn the uptrend downtrends and ranges.
26.What broker you can choose in India
27.The best SEBI approved broker in India
28.Broker charges
29.Why you need a broker to trade forex

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