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Forex price action trading course starting from April 2021
Learn the forex trading professional way in one to one classes and shorten your learning curve from 2-3 years to 2-3 months

Course Structure:
Course will be for 1 month 4 classes every week for 2 hours each and last class will be 3 hours
1st week
How to analyze the chart and understand why chart moves like that the concept behind it
2nd week
How to enter a trade precisely, Risk management
3rd week
How to take profits with technique’s personally used by me
4th week
Trading Psychology, Writing Journal, Excel tools and extra tool used by me

each week will be covered by Demo trading exercise of trading to use in practical.

If you are interested in forex price action trading course
please send me an email with below details
2.Trading experience
3.Place in India
4.Contact no.

I will reach out to you for more details about batches and classes timings and how classes will be organized.

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Follow Forex salary for trade setups and trade which we are taking whenever set up is formed
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What is covered in this video
1.Forex Trading course in India
2.Prcatual course to learn the forex in rights way and cut your loosing streaks.

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