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It’s Fred: Episode 9

Fred gets a foreign exchange student to try and impress Judy.

Based on Characters Created by:
Lucas Cruikshank

Developed & Written by:
Eryk Casemiro and Kate Boutilier

Lucas Cruikshank as Fred (@FredFigglehorn)
Jake Weary
Taryn Southern (@TarynSouthern)

Supervising Producer: Kate McCabe
Directed by: Duke Waters
Voice Direction: Greg Franklin

Executive Producers:
Lucas Cruikshank
Evan Weiss
Eryk Casemiro
Kate Boutilier
Max Benator

Character Design: Chris Darnbrough
Storyboard Artist: Duke Waters
Animation: Kelly Turnbull, Justin Bower
Background design: Andrea Fernandez
Composer: Nick Keller

Produced by:
Collective Digital Studio

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