Generate Insane Trading Returns with ChatGPT and TradingView

ChatGPT is the future of trading. Learn how to leverage its power to create profitable strategies and achieve financial freedom. And yes, both this insane trading strategy and this description were generated with ChatGPT.

Ensure you watch until the end where I explain the goal of this video: to help non-programmers learn how to backtest trading strategies. This strategy is overfitting and won’t work.

Instead, try to backtest your own strategy or other strategies to see if they make sense.


The only shortcut for most is to invest in an index and do something else that makes you money.

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⏱️ Video Chapters

0:00 Introduction
1:38 Intro to TradingView & Pinescript
2:23 Create First Trading Strategy with ChatGPT
4:29 Use ChatGPT to Modify Existing Strategies
5:20 Have ChatGPT Explain Pinescript Strategies
6:37 Understanding the Trading Strategy Returns
7:57 Have ChatGPT Update Your Strategy’s Code
9:18 Learn How to Get The Information You Need
11:56 Improving Strategy Returns
13:55 Adding RSI to Our Trading Strategy
16:25 Checking Modified Strategy Results
17:51 Optimization, AKA Overfitting
18:28 Adding the ADX
21:05 Success: $1,000 to $17 Million


Videos are intended strictly for information, education, and entertainment purposes. Do not base any investment decisions based upon these materials. Please read the disclaimer:

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Written by Leo Bailey




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