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This video will explain how to make $500 a day with forex trading while risking the least amount of money . You DO NOT need to invest thousands of dollars to start trading and make money! Now we have prop firms for you profitable traders to prove to these companies how skilled you are and are able to trade large accounts on their behalf and split the winnings with the company. In this video, I show you how you can make $15,500 a month trading forex and also show you a SIMPLE and HIGH WIN rate moving average crossover price action strategy!

00:00-02:17 STOP making this mistake when trading!
02:18-03:21 I made $1000 in 60 mins with this STRATEGY!
03:22-05:45 Step 1
05:46-09:16 Step 2
09:17-11:26 Step 3
11:27-12:56 HIGH WIN RATE Strategy in action

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