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Boost your win rate, skyrocket your reward to risk ratio, and get extreme clarity by following this mechanical process for mapping multi-timeframe market structure. ๐Ÿ‘‡

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0:00 Intro
2:32 What Is MTF Analysis?
06:50 Basic MTF Market Structure
13:20 Basic Market Structure Recap
15:49 Advanced MTF Market Structure
24:08 Selecting Your Timeframes
29:13 How To Stay Neutral With A Directional Bias
32:18 Zero To Funded
34:01 Chart Walkthrough
48:39 Trade Example
57:03 Top Tip
58:42 Outro



Multi-Timeframe Analysis – analysing multiple timeframes together

Price is fractal.

๐Ÿ”‘ A run on a higher timeframe, is a trend on a lower timeframe.

LTF price action forms – HTF price action, which forecasts – HTF runs, which are made up of – LTF price action.

What happens on the HTF, must first happen on the LTF.

Consistent Actions = Consistent Results

Utilising a set number of timeframes for market structure is key to building consistency.

HTF – Narrative: are we trading a continuation or pullback?

MTF – Immediate bias: confirms when HTF continuation is ending & pullback is starting (vice versa)

LTF – Execution: confirms MTF turning points


HTF – 4H / MTF – M15 / LTF – M1

HTF – D / MTF – 4H / LTF – M15

Know the HTF narrative, actively monitor the LTF price action, allow the trade setup to present itself.

Our mission is to observe how price develops around points of interest (POIs) and listen to what the market communicates to us with a neutral mindset.

LTF structural development within HTF POIs helps guide us to be in the flow of the market and execute in harmony with the market.

It’s all a mechanical framework to help guide us through the order flow of the market.

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