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In this video, I attempt to trade Forex for two weeks with absolutely zero experience to see if it’s something the average person should try out to secure some bags.

The problem with Forex trading is it has attracted vast amounts of spammers – or just slick salesmen pitching an undeniably amazing, yet attainable lifestyle if you join their training/VIP group/mastermind/course/whatever!

I have never traded Forex before this experiment and had no idea how it even worked until I decided to dive in. Of course, I don’t expect a few days of studying Forex basics and strategies to turn me into a profitable trader, but when so many gurus are advertising their services to the masses, I wanted to put some money on the line to try things out for myself.

The #1 takeaway you should get from this video is please, don’t spend money chasing a Forex lifestyle or promises of massive profit. Forex is comprised of incredibly efficient markets, making it hard for the average retail trader to turn a consistent profit.

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0:00 Intro
0:39 What Forex Is
3:09 Charting3:42 My First Trades
5:22 Next Steps
6:23 Forex Signals
8:25 More Trading
9:40 How My Trading Went
11:46 Final Thoughts on Forex


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