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In this video, you will learn how to trade trends and ranging markets and scalp the market the right way! Scalping trading can be hard if you don’t understand all of the ins and outs. So I decided to make a video discussing the secrets of scalping and how to become a better day trader or scalper!
You will learn 5 scalping secrets I have learned from 3 years of trading the markets and also my simple but HIGH WIN RATE scalping strategies that I use to profit from the forex market! This works for trading crypto, forex or stocks!

00:00-00:44 Why you are STILL LOSING in Trading!
00:45-02:34 Secret 1: Trend Trading does NOT work, but this does!
02:35-04:22 Secret 2: Spotting Reversals
04:23-05:37 Secret 3: Breakouts vs Fakeouts
05:38-06:53 Secret 4: Retest/Pullback Trading
06:54-08:33 Secret 5: DON’T TRADE when this happens

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