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Share Trading for Beginners. Open Demat Account – Vivek Bajaj and Mukul Malik discuss trading and investing in the stock market. This video provides an easy approach to stock market investing for beginners, trading strategies and market analysis.

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About the Video

As beginners in stock market, it is important for you to define your objective of stock trading before starting out in the stock market. One needs to deeply understand and evaluate the position of a company, market trends-bullish and bearish trends in the market, the breakouts and the breakdowns using the line charts and check if it aligns with our trading objectives. This video is for all the beginners who want to start out in the share market as a trader. It discusses the very basics of trading, share trading strategies starting from how a trading setup should look like to the power of technical analysis. This share market basics for beginners video in Hindi featuring Vivek Bajaj will answer your following questions about the stock market –

1. Why of investing?
2. What are some share trading strategies?
3. How to start investing in the stock market?
4. Stock trading for beginners
5. Share market basics for beginners
6. Share trading tips
7. What are different trading options?
8. Is Stock Market Trading Risky?
9. Money Management by Share Trading for beginners
10. How much money to invest in Stock Market?
11. How to Open Trading Account for stock market investing
12. Can non finance people earn money from the Stock Market
13. Why share prices fluctuate?
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