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Discover the truth about Technical Analysis — when to use it, when NOT to use it, and how it really works.

Here’s the deal:

Technical Analysis is not what you think.

1. You can’t rely on overbought (or oversold) indicators — the market will prove you wrong most of the time.

2. If you wait for a Moving Average Crossover, it’s usually “too late” as the price has moved substantially.

3. Candlestick patterns are no better than a coin flip. You probably have better odds going against it.


If you want to discover the REAL way to trade with Technical Analysis, then go watch this training video (42 minutes of pure trading gold mine).

Honestly, the stuff you’re about to discover is better than what “gurus” charge you thousands of dollars for.

So go watch it right now.


The Ultimate Guide to Price Action Trading:

The Monster Guide to Candlestick Patterns:


Pro Traders Edge:

Pullback Stock Trading System:

Price Action Trading Secrets:

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