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What are the 5 biggest forex scams and how to avoid them! In this video I will tell you the 5 biggest forex scams and explain what these scammers are doing to scam you.
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00:00 – Forex Scams Introduction
00:25 – Scam 1: Guaranteed Forex Profits Don’t Exist!
01:04 – How to overcome scam 1
03:48 – Scam 2: Don’t let fake richness fool you
05:00 – How to overcome scam 2
05:42 – Scam 3: Avoid trading signals
06:45 – How to overcome scam 3
07:42 – Scam 4: Instagram and Social Media market platforms
07:58 – How to overcome scam 4
10:10 – Scam 5: Adverts

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