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The Best Forex EA Advert 27 June 2019
Automated Forex Software

AI (Automated Intelligence) is the way of things today & the future. AI is being used all around you.

Now you have a chance to use it to your advantage. Here is an amazing tool that could make you from 0.01% up to 6% per day depending on the volatility of the forex markets, market conditions & your appetite for risk.

There is a very small monthly fee for the Bot and the minimum funds you need in your forex account is $1000 for the bot to work well for you.

Check out my presentation on how the bot works and you too will be printing money like 20000 other happy clients of mine.

I have a full training paint by numbers website that will assist you to get started and start making money on autopilot. This is a 99.9% passive income stream. Very little interaction from you is needed.
Join the telegram group. Telegram is an app you download to your phone, it’s like WhatsApp but better & uses less data.

Step 1. On Apple device go to the app store, on android go to Google play store. Search for the Telegram App.)
Step 2. You need to download and install the Telegram app to your phone/ laptop or tablet.
Step 3. Open telegram on your device & setup your telegram with username etc.
Step 4. Once you have done step 1, 2 & step 3 above, come back to this message & click on the links below to join telegram.
cJoin the Forex Bot telegram group for more info.

Send me a WhatsApp & say “Howzit”
Alan Solarsh
The Passive Income Guru
Save my number as follows.
Alan Solarsh (Forex Mentor)
Phone & WhatsApp: +27 76 457 7444

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