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Ayo man, I don’t ask for much
I just wanna chill at home and sip my drink out of my plastic cups
Even though my roommate have me mad as fuck
Nigga be acting crackish, fuckin up my money hustling backwards
Financially I took some hard blows
But shit I also rocked some hard shows
Niggas came to check us out by the carloads
Screaming my name like I scanned a million barcodes already
My squad flows till we all sweaty
We struggling to pay our bills so we really can’t ball heavy
And God knows I be calling on him
Cause I be writing mad checks that might as well have Spalding on ’em
The shoulders of my team, I be falling on ’em
Providing support that help the pain go away
And helping me to see the light like Towa Tei standing by me
That’s all I really need to satisfy me
It’s just my peeps y’all, for real

[Big Pooh]
There’s been nights I wanted to quit, broke, crying to God
It’s kinda hard going far with a lot to carry
Waking up still tired from sessions
Going to class, dozing off, waking up, never learning the lessons
But thanks to my faith and blessings
Struggles pass and I go about life without half the stressin
I know who got my back, no need for raising the question
Cause when times get hard, it’s to my brothers I call
Taking the weight, no matter large or small
I smile everyday, thanks to y’all, we gonna eat for real
Ease the mind so we can sleep for real
It took longer than we wished, but the blow meant I knew we could
Find the best way to live life, it’s so right
We jail tight, ain’t no strip stopping our move
We one nation all under a groove
Sending peace to that cat Nicolay, we gonna meet real soon
I’m so happy

It’s going out to mans Big Pooh and it
Is like this and it’s just how we ripping it
Shouts out to my man named Infinite
And it’s just the way got to begin with it
It’s going out to my man For 10 and it
And it’s just the way we gots to keep it on
For my man Big Dho and Chaundon, let’s get it going y’all

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