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Watch this video to learn about things I didn’t know when I started forex trading, tips for beginner forex traders, and to learn more about my forex trading journey! In this video, I explain why I got started with forex and where I am now in my journey. I also list all the things I didn’t know but wish I knew when I started forex trading! I list more than 10 things I wish I knew before starting forex trading, which are helpful tips for beginner forex traders! I am currently on a forex trading journey and am going to record my progress on the channel, so subscribe for more videos to come!

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0:00 Intro
0:26 My Forex Trading Journey
4:07 Things I Didn’t Know
15:00 Outro

○ Trading Set-Up & Books:
○ My trading platform:

○ How to open a forex broker trading account:
○ Ways to make money as a teenager:
○ Why I chose NOT to be a comp sci major:
○ Apartment hunting in Houston:
○ A day in my life at Rice:

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