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TNA = Technical Analysis of course $-) . MMASSASSIN and notrees2day Will start a series of classes thought by notrees2day with the help of MMASSASSIN. We wish to guide you through the fundamentals of technical analysis. In this first class, You will learn what really matters to get the basics of your technical understanding . This class will cover candlestick analysis, trend lines, and support and resistance. You will learn how not to be shaken on a shakeout and how not the be fooled by a false breakout. This is the basics but we go a little beyond the basics into things that many more experienced traders tend to miss. In the future we will progress with more advanced classes in this series covering everything all the way up to importing formulas into your charting package, Elliot wave analysis, and point and figure analysis. But it all starts with this class. Hope you enjoy it , we worked very hard on this class.

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