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In this video, I reveal Smart Money Concepts secrets that you can use for trading forex and this is the ULTIMATE guide to smart money concepts trading. This is one of the best-performing strategies I’ve found yet. In this video, I go over exactly how I use these smart money concepts trading strategies myself, on a day-to-day basis and I also explain smart money concepts terms for beginners like what is BOS, CHoCH and a lot others. I also show you a HIGH WIN RATE SMC trading strategy that you must start using so u can be a profitable trader

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0:00 Why you MUST Master Smart Money Concepts
0:50 SMC Terms simplified (BOS, CHoCH etc)
3:08 Secret #1: Liquidity Grabs
4:36 Secret #2: Order Blocks
5:15 My HIGH Win Rate SMC Strategy *revealed*
14:07 What you should do now…

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