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Those acquainted with recognize its origins as a whistleblower platform aimed at countering Arab terrorism. Over time, it has transformed into a reputable source of forex news and insights. Now, prepare yourself for a comedic spectacle when you stumble upon the creative narratives spun by the minds behind Their claims? Well, let’s just say they venture into the realm of absurdity and hilarity. Indeed, has never offered forex brokerage services. But here’s the pièce de résistance of this sideshow: they earnestly ask their visitors if they’ve had the pleasure of investing with And, believe it or not, they generously offer a lifeline, assuring that all hope is not lost! They present a golden opportunity for recovery – just a click away! You can initiate a chargeback and rescue your investments before the cosmic deadline. It’s almost Shakespearean in its tragicomic brilliance, wouldn’t you agree?

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Oh, but wait, the ceaseless parade of absurdity takes an even more spectacular turn. They boldly assert that utilizes cutting-edge internet telephone software, such as Skype (VOIP), to engage with clients, all while sporting fake USA or European phone numbers. It’s quite a comedic spectacle! In reality, we’ve never made a single call through such means. And let’s not overlook the next gem from these geniuses: they suggest that primarily operates through the omnipotent realm of social media, complete with counterfeit accounts, fabricated images of a fictitious lifestyle, and testimonials so phony even Hollywood would blush. It’s truly a knee-slapper, given that we don’t even have a presence on any social media platform. We’d be overjoyed to witness this mythical social media wonderland adorned with our pictures. It sounds like a thrilling rollercoaster ride, wouldn’t you agree? The only question that remains is, what exactly are these individuals smoking?

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